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The institute leverages the technological output of research & development enterprises in the private and public sectors to promote the collaborative development of technology, the transmission and dissemination of intellectual assets, and the development of commercial enterprise across the globe.

Girvan provides its affiliates with access to a wide range of services and facilities, including:

GIRVAN Affiliate Program

  • Marketing and Market Development
  • Planning and Accounting
  • Sales
  • Hi-tech Management and Operations
  • Financing
  • Low-cost Office Space and Equipment
  • Research Labs
  • Conference Rooms
  • Networking Opportunities
Apart from its collaborative relationships with its affiliates in the United States, Girvan has worked to develop and strengthen its alliances with organizations and companies around the world. Girvan works with its International Affiliates to accomplish a variety of mutual goals:

  • Establishing collaborative relationships with businesses in countries around the world that support the commercial-industrial aspirations of Girvan’s U.S. affiliates
  • Supporting research and development programs and projects in countries around the world that are of interest to U.S. organizations
  • Working to provide business opportunities in the United States to businesses and other organizations from countries around the world
  • Working with public and private organizations around the world to find technology-based solutions to public and private problems
  • Providing practical education and training in applications of high-tech solutions to the problems of business, in particular and society, in general
Our current affiliates include:

  • Advanced Turbine Designs, Inc.
  • Armstar Inc,.
  • BrightLot, Inc.
  • Williamson Electronics
  • Jumpstarter, Inc.
  • Jumpstarter PR, Inc.
  • Microbial Energy Systems, LLC
  • Moviefounder, Inc.
  • Phyco Systems, Inc.
  • Proteus Aquaseed, LLC
  • Proteus Environmental Systems
  • SOIPtel 3G
  • Virtustream
Affiliate Companies
Founded in 2005, Aquaflow Bionomic Corporation (ABC) Limited is committed to developing a means to produce a new biofuel from algae.
Atomistix software is used to model the electronic structure of molecules, crystals, and surfaces.
Cito Systems, Inc. offers easy to operate and affordable multi-axis motion control systems.
Efycacis consulting, engineering and product development services, and back office solutions, help businesses maximize their competitive advantage.
Technology Partner Program

Technology Partner Program consists of public, academic, and private research laboratories and organizations. These organizations partner with Girvan to obtain support and assistance in technology commercialization, spin-off programs and joint business acceleration projects. In addition to the services offered to all our affiliates, Technology Partners receive:

  • Independent expert technology assessments  
  • Collaborative opportunities in technology licensing and co-sponsored research through Girvan’s network
  • Facilitation of technology transfer
  • Preferred access to incubation support for companies that have already licensed or transferred technology
  • Operational support in sourcing and developing potential investment and business opportunities from within the Girvan network, including but not limited to newly incorporated start-ups
  • Opportunities to participate in activities initiated by  international technology partners (e.g. access to foreign markets where Girvan has a presence through technology partners)
Tech Partners
edgeBOX is an “all in one” intelligent networking device allowing SMEs and remote branch offices to benefit from Managed Network Services in one integrated platform, at a lower cost of ow
The New Zealand Foundation for Research, Science and Technology (“FRST”) invests in research, science and technology on behalf of the New Zealand government with the aim to stimulate prosp
Industrial Research Limited (“IRL”) is a technology company based on world-class science and engineering capability, with the New Zealand government as a shareholder.
Micro Technologies (India) Ltd is a global provider of security, safety and life-support solutions. Micro Technologies systems combines state-of-the-art technologies such as GPS, wireless communicatio